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       Maher Beauroy presents his new album "INSULA". The pianist offers a musical bridge between Martinique and Algeria. He puts one person at the center of his inspiration : Frantz Fanon a figure of the anti-colonial resistance movement.

Album available

Friday, November 29th 2022

Album release concert

Thursday, June 16th 2022 at Café de la Danse (Paris)

Maher Beauroy | piano, chant

Sélène Saint-Aimé | contrebasse

Percussions | Boris Rein-Adélaïde & Djiéka Légré

Redha Benabdallah | mandole, chant

Qaïs Saadi | oud, chant

Christophe Zoogonès | flûte

Tony Bird (Antoine Beux) & Thomas Raso | violons

Anissa Altmayer | violoncelle

Florence "Flo" Baudin" | voix





Label : Tropiques Atrium | Edition : Le Marion Dufresne Editor | Distribution : BACO



   In Creole, the word washa  is an interjection to say the moment, the flash. The album "WASHA!" fits into the aesthetic of contemporary jazz. It is in quintet that Maher Beauroy gives us a 1st original album,  energetic and fiery drawing inspiration from his Afro-Caribbean roots, classical music and his travels. The pianist freely alternates lyricism and a storm of rhythmic pulsations.

   Since its release on April 19, 2019, "WASHA!" was the "Album of the week" on FIP (France Inter Paris - May 2019), qualified as "REVELATION" by Jazz Magazine (N ° 717 - June 2019) and the pianist presented as the "New star of Caribbean jazz" by TSF Jazz.

Maher Beauroy - piano, vocals

Lucy Clifford - bass

Jessie Cox - drums

Antoine Beux - violin

Julian Velasco - vibraphone, bongos

Adirano DD Tenorio - percussion on "Ti Manmay"





Label : Déclic Jazz | Edition : Le Marion Dufresne Editor | Distribution : PIAS

A word from Jacques Shwarz-Bart

"Maher Beauroy has a rare combination of talents. He is a pianist with a unique playing: both full of Afro-Caribbean syncopations, harmonic sophistication anchored in jazz, and embellished with a touch of a classical concert performer. a composer who has known how to achieve the balance between the sounds of his Martinique and the winds which blow across the world. And to complete the whole, he sings with a lyricism and a freedom of phrasing which distinguish him from all that I I heard. Armed with all these qualities, he offers us his first album which exhibits a palette of original compositions and also some arrangements of local classics. This journey through his universe demonstrates an aesthetic full of emotion and wisdom. - beyond his years. Having been his teacher at Berklee College of Music, I am fascinated by his music and will follow with passion the budding of his work for years to come. " 



   "Neg'Zagonal" highlights the universality and uniqueness of West Indian culture. Inspired by the Martinican tradition, jazz and pop music, Maher Beauroy offers a fresh and generous game. The repertoire of this album, entirely composed by Maher Beauroy, promises a surprising journey. ​

Maher Beauroy - piano, vocals

Vladimir Torres - bass

Tiss Rodriguez - drums





Label : Association Neg'Zagonal

Listen to the album

Copyright 2019 © Maher Beauroy | Photos : Rio Le Château & Mike Ibrahim

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