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    Maher Beauroy is a talented and authentic pianist in the wake of the greatest. From the age of 5, his passion for the piano opened the doors to the Martinique Academy of Music and then to SERMAC - an art school created by Aimé Césaire - where he discovered jazz. In 2006, he left Martinique for Paris where he will tick all the boxes of the aspiring musician: DEM in jazz at the Maurice Ravel Conservatory (Paris 13th), license in Music and Musicology and master in Music Business at the University of Paris- Sorbonne. In 2012, he released his first EP "Neg'Zagonal" alongside Vladimir Torres and Tiss Rodriguez. A tasty mix of jazz, pop and Caribbean rhythms.

   It was in 2014 that he made the big leap to Boston (USA) where he went to deepen his knowledge with Eddy Gomez, Joanne Brackeen, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Laszlo Gardony or even Billy Kilson. His career at Berklee College Of Music will be rewarded with a Performance Division Piano Award in 2017. By his own admission: "Berklee's human and musical experience unlocked a lot of things in me. Joining this school was a lifelong dream".


      In 2019, Maher Beauroy released her first album "WASHA!" at Déclic Jaz z. The album, described as a revelation by the critics, crystallizes this moment of departure and emancipation. In Creole, "washa" is an interjection to say the moment, the flash.


    In 2020 Maher Beauroy is joining the Big In Jazz Collective adventure. It is the meeting of 8 talented musicians Ralph Lavital, Ludovic Louis, Tilo Bertholo, Yann Negrit, Stéphane Castry, Sonny Troupé, Jowee Omicil and Maher Beauroy himself. Together they revisit the standards of West Indian music.

    Now associate composer with Tropiques Atrium Scène nationale, Maher Beauroy is preparing the release of his second album: INSULA. The pianist, inspired by the anti-colonial figure Frantz Fanon, offers a musical bridge between Algeria and Martinique. 

Copyright 2019 © Maher Beauroy | Photos : Rio Le Château & Mike Ibrahim

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